We hire globally. You work locally

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We hire globally. You work locally

Vezio » 12 дек 2016, 01:17

Vezio - Work remotely!
Work for Vezio from anywhere

Who we are looking:
Full-stack Javascript Developer

Skills needed:
-) MeteorJS / NodeJS
-) MaterializeCSS
-) MongoDB
-) HTML5 / CSS / JavaScript

What we offer:
-) Remote working - We hire globally. You work locally.
-) Flexible schedule (full-time, part-time, besides school).
-) Talented global team - from people all around the globe.
-) Hourly based compensation, based on your experience and input.

To apply send send an email with your link to your portfolio (1-3 best works), CV and other relevant showcases of previous works done (github, dribbble, etc) -> job@vez.io
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